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12-01-2009, 01:45 AM
I'm a relatively new player of DDO,picked Thelannis as my first server on a whim(and I really,really like it,tried the other servers for Favor/TP and didn't like the feel as much) and I'm in love with the game,it combines some of my favorite things into one.

The amazing combat system,the MMORPG interactions with (nice) people and most of all...the wonderful thing that is D&D.

I was originally introduced to D&D by a primary school friend,we've played with some of the other guys in our group of friends whenever we had time for maybe 3 years,then we kind of lost contact,my D&D PnP experience more or less ended on those short years and I've only read some stuff and played ToEE with CO8 mods.

Straying from the subject though,I'm looking for a nice,mature(well,mature as in...you know,hard to explain but "mature" :P) Guild to settle in,I'm a fan of roleplaying but I refrain from doing so with PUGs,things just get awkward and most of the time people like to zerg too much anyway...

I am not looking for sugar parents,I want to earn my own stuff,my own way,I simply want a Guild that's there when I need advice,that's willing to provide some help when I'm Questing and some other basic stuff too such as is X weapon better than Y weapon,is this spell needed,etc.

Currently a mere free to play,hoping to soon switch over to Premium but doubt I'll go over to VIP due to the lack of "extras" when I compare costs in the long run.

And...also experiencing issues concerning connection due to Bell/DDO hating on Quebec players. :(

So as of now,I'm just a forum lurker hehe,I like knowing stuff and I try to get as much information as I can,on other games I play I'm a fervent addict of wikis and it's the same for DDO,except this wiki seems rather...lacking,and seems to go down fairly often(same for the Compendium).

Earnestly hoping to find a great group I can stick around with,thank you for reading!

P.S.:Chaotic Neutral,very CN,I like doing stuff on a whim and if it can procure me some sort of amusement without causing too much of a detriment to the others around me,I'll do it. :D

P.P.S.:Chaotic Neutral is the alignment I prefer to roleplay as,for the sake of overall efficiency,Sorceress is Neutral,future Cleric and Ranger will be Lawful Good(probably).

12-01-2009, 09:19 AM
Switch to Videotron, no problem here :p

You probably did already, but just in case... check out the stickied list on these forums, you may find a guild that suits your playstyle!