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11-30-2009, 05:05 PM
The XIII, a organization, or you could say a clan, is forming up, and we need people in the community to join our clan!

Information about the XIII

What is the objective of the XIII?

The objective of the XIII is to create a fun community with players on the cannith server, both noobs and experienced players, F2P and VIP, who help each other out, have fun, and most of all, have a good time with our organization!

What does the XIII do?

The XIII is a place where players may gather to find players to quest with each other, socialize, trade, host whatever events they may have, and perform many other tasks. Overall, we try to make players have a good time while they play Dungeons and Dragons: Ebberon Unlimited!

Why are you called the XIII?

The reason why the guild is called the "XIII" is because, at any given time, there can only be a maximum of 12 officers and a leader in the guild at any one time;thus making 13 high ranking members. The name is also short and simple to remember; while the offical name of the guild is The XIII, people can also refer it to as "XIII"

Are you guys affiliated or related to The Twelve?

Well, that depends. But really, I don't we are related to the twelve because, while they may have 1 representative of each house in their organization, and while we may only have XIII high ranking members in our organization at any one time, our primary focus is to have fun while playing DDO:EU and to give players, both new and experienced, a social group of people to chat and have fun with.

What are the requirements to join the XIII?

To join the guild, you must:

-Have a character on the Cannith server.

-Must be online once every 29 days or fewer; If you are marked as being online in '1 Month' or more, you will be automatically taken off the clan for inactivity. If you inform a clan leader with prior notice though of your departure, you may still remain in the clan beyond this time, provided that you have been granted approval.

-Must not have been banned or suspended from the XIII in the past.

Membership status does not matter if you are in the guild; F2P, P2P and VIP are all welcome to join!

What benefits do members get?

You get access to a group of players that you can socialize in. We are here to help each other out when we wish to. Nobody is obliged to help one another. You may have the choice of whether or not to join a party, help players in whatever they are doing, and so on. As time passes, members may also receive other benefits...

What benefits do officers get?

As an officer, apart from the standard privileges you receive when being promoted, you also get the ability to recruit others into the guild, provided that they meet the requirements of joining. Members that you recruit do not have to recite the oath to enlist, but they will automatically accept that they understand the rules and are subject to punishment should they violate these rules. You also have the ability to advertise guild parties, events, and the powers to enforce rules. As time passes, and more officers are recruited, the benefits may extend...

That sounds great! How do I become an officer?

Remember, The XIII only has a maximum of XIII high ranking members. As there already is a leader of the guild, that number automatically goes down to twelve. So if there ARE XII officers, then you will automatically have no chance of being one. Even if there is an officer opening, I wouldn't downright explicitly say what the requirements are. Some of the things you can do though, is have good behavior, and socialize with both your clan mates and your leader. However, that is not ALL you can do though...

How do I join the guild?

The best way to enter the guild is to send a letter to Takim. In it, you MUST format the letter similarly to this in order to be considered for joining the guild, and not to mention accept the Terms and Conditions(without the quotes):

"I, (Player name here), wish to join The XIII. In doing so, I accept the rules and conditions that The XIII impose upon me, and I do understand that, if I violate these rules, the guild leader, and others bestowed with similar powers, have the power to terminate my membership or enact similar punishments in the guild at any time. I also understand that all Turbine Terms and Conditions in the End-User License Agreement are also in effect in this guild.

Furthermore, I do realize that I can leave the guild willingly at any time, with or without an excuse, provided that I notify the leader of the guild, Takim, of my departure.

I herby accept the terms and conditions bestowed upon me by the guild, and wish to become a member of the guild. I understand that this application may be declined by any reason from the guild leader.

Player name here(include the comma but not this),F2P,P2P or VIP (Depending on your subscription status)"

(So, in other words, copy and paste the statement above, read the statement, fill in YOUR character name that is on the cannith server and submit it in the mail to Takim if you wish to join.)

If you wish to apply via this fourm, you must also use that exact same statement and fallow the exact same instructions in filling it out.

Rules and punishments

The rules of the guild, as fallows:

1. All rules are subject to change at any time without notice.

2. The leader of the guild, Takim, is always in charge, and overrides whatever an officer or member says. He can enact rules without notice, and enact punishments without cause or reason.

3. The clan channel is largely unpoliced. That does not mean you can say what you want and get away with it, however. Say what you have to say about an issue, but remember: Try to stay on-topic and related to DDO:EU. We play this game to have fun; not stress us out. If a player is saying things you don't want to hear, then SQUELCH them. Squelch, Squelch, Squelch. Of course, the only thing that can be punished is spamming; if you advertise something, whether it be website, a jumble of characters, trades, or other things that can be classified as spam, more than 3 times in a minute, then you will be punished for spamming.

4. NOBODY is forced to participate in a guild activity or party, as well as party invites for whatever, unless you AGREE to be in there. If you agree to be there, then be there. Otherwise, decline the offer or say nothing.

5. Beg at your discression. Again, nobody is forced or obligated to help you, including officers.

6. Officers have the powers to enforce rules, but that does not mean they HAVE to enforce them. While some officers will help you out if someone is breaking the rules, again, they have that choice whether or not to punish the rulebreaker. They want to play this game as well; don't drag them down with your requests to punish rulebreakers.

7. If the clan decides that an officer should be demoted from his or her position, Thirteen guild members or officers shall send letters to the leader stating the officer's name, and their reason that they should be demoted. The leader may NOT be part of those who request the officer to be removed, and this rule cannot be overrided by anyone, PERIOD. Once thirteen guild members or officers send such letters, the leader shall hold a roll-call vote, and he shall announce when the votes shall be made no more than 3 days after he receives it, and the date shall be no more than 3 days after the leader receives the letters.

During the vote, all members present and willing to vote shall send letters to the clan leader that state either "Yes" or "No" to the voting process. When the roll call vote ends, the results shall be announced. All votes are annoymous, and if there are a majority of yes votes, then the officer shall be demoted. If there is a tiebreaker, or the majority of no votes, then the petition must be resent again on those votes 30 days after the ending of the recall vote.

8. If your subscription status updates, you must notify the leader regarding your subscription status change as soon as possible, so that we may update our subscription status list. The reason it is there is so that F2P, P2P and VIP members can more easily identify themselves within the community and make grouping easier!

Punishments of the clan

All punishments that can be handed out by the leader includes but is not limited to:

-Verbal Warnings


-Demotion from officer rank

-Temporary or permanent suspension from the guild without warning. Duration is decided by leader.

All punishments that can be handed out by the officers includes but IS limited to:

-Verbal Warnings


-Temporary 3 day suspension with consent from the leader or 5 online officers. Leader must be notified regardless of what is done, and show proof that 5 officers approved of the suspension.

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11/30/09: Guild is funded! We are accepting recruits right now! To apply, view the information listed above!

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List of all clan members/officers/leaders by name and rank:

Takim - Leader

Lexion - Officer

Looker - Member

Orrimas - Member

Tolgard - Member

11-30-2009, 05:08 PM
List of all clan members/officers/leaders by subscription status: