View Full Version : Can I join a static group too?

11-30-2009, 12:50 PM
Hello everybody!

I've been playing a month now, and as a new DDO player - but an old D&D player, I think I can really enjoy this game only with a dedicated group who takes tame to discuss a strategy and crawl thru a dungeon actually understanding what's going on.
BUT there are some issues who may prevent me to join a static group:
- First of all, I hail from Europe, which makes me generally available at funny hours.
- English is not my first language, as you can easily guess. Anyway, I will understand what you type - and most of what you say at the microphone.
- I have a job and will be able to play on saturdays and sundays. Maybe friday nights too.
- I don't have a microphone. Sorry.
- Oh, no! I'm a newbie! :)

Other that that, I'm very laid back and just want to have fun! Can I?