View Full Version : been out of forum action too long

11-30-2009, 07:55 AM
Due to technical difficulties, I have been out of the DDO Forums wavelength for too long. Time flies when you're having fun. So it's time for an update from The Core. The full name is The Core HC Permadeath Guild. HC standing for hard core.

The main tenets are as follows: no shrining in quests or explorer areas; no transferring anything to anyone, except via chest; no House Jorasco or House Phiarlan buffs; only clerics and favored soul or a character using via UMD skill a raise dead scroll pulled from a chest can raise the dead. The specifics can be found at thecorehc.home.comcast.net

Sometimes I hear: why are you people doing this? Answer: Because it makes the game challenging, fun, and exciting. I don't do much recruiting, for better or worse, because I figure that you'll either get "it" or you won't. But I encourage all to try it at least once if you have a free character slot.

Why hardcore? Because it's not too easy and it's not too hard, it feels just right. Take a quest like Stormcleave. Without the use of shrines you have to pay close attention, make snap decisions that could affect the entire quest, and use a lot of teamwork in order to complete it. Using shrines you can spam spells all day long-- hit or miss doesn't matter much because there is always a mana refill around the corner.

Doesn't this style doom you to lower level content? No, we have a few characters at level 13, and several more in the level 10-12 range, have run The Pit, Xorian Cipher, The Shadow Crypt, and even the Crucible before mod9. It's an open question as to how high we can climb.

Isn't it the mother of all quests?