View Full Version : For ranger/rogues: Do monsters go after you or ignore you?

11-28-2009, 02:10 AM
I've noticed with my barbarian that monsters ignore him with regularity. Oftentimes he'll be at the front of the pack and get some hits off as a monster comes in, but the monster will still run past him to get at the squishies in the back. It seems like monsters tend not to like to deal with a big bad barbarian with lots of hp swinging a big axe or sword around.

My question for ranger/rogue users is, do you find that monsters will ignore you to go after other groupmates, or do they seek you out and think you're a squishie? I ask because I'm considering a TWF ranger/rogue, but not sure if the halfling sneak attack will be used often, or if I should consider a dwarf (dwarven axe) or elf (longsword) instead.

I wish my barbarian had sneak attack, he'd get a lot more kills because monsters don't seem to like to go after him.

11-28-2009, 06:50 AM
I found that I always seem to get the mobs complete attention, when I whip out the ole Longbow and start squeezing of some arrows. Other than that, just let them come and start swinging early. If you have a two handed weapon.

To get the mobs away from the casters put some skill points into intimidate. Barbs get a nice enhancement for intimidate so you should try to use it anyway. Though if you have very low charisma it could be a bit tricky.