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11-27-2009, 11:24 AM
I am mixed up between a WF Wiz18/Rog2 and a WF Sor16/PAl2/Rog2,
evasion is a must, and also the abbility to mellee when necessary (supported by spells)

Which of these builds has the best survivabillity at higher levels, and most chance to solo hard content..
I really like the crowd controll of the Arcane classes, but could not play without any form of selfhealing..

Currently my main is a FvS with Mnk splash, which i like a lot.. but i'd just prefer more CC while still having the same survivabillity and reasonable Mellee capabillities.

I dont think many people have experience with all these builds, so i am allready wondering if i will get any answers at all. Currently my level 5 Wiz/Rog seems to have much less survivabillity then my FvS had at that level, but things might change....

11-27-2009, 11:30 AM
The CC part of this is what will be difficult. The builds you propose can be great survivalist nukers--but CC is a different beast. By not taking full casters levels, you will be impacting your CC abilities. Also, by making this melee capable, you'll be impacting your CC abilities. In short, your spell pen and your DCs will likely be too low to have highly effective CC. Nuking--yes, you can be rock solid at this. But CC will be challenge.

If you want to go CC--I'd take the 18/2 option--keep your INT maxed out.