View Full Version : Quarterstaff-using melee-focused self-buffer build help ;)

11-26-2009, 02:43 AM
Though likely not any kind of optimized build (given what's available to take in DDO)... I kinda want to give this concept a shot for the fun of it - and figured I'd ask your assistance in making it as viable as possible. :)

Note: This character will be played with a small group and regardless what casting path I choose, I won't be expected or needed to really heal or crowd control with the group.

Note also: I don't have 32 point buy unlocked yet (so my stats too won't be all they could be... work with it heh). I DO have Drow unlocked, however.

Here's what I was thinking...
A couple levels of Monk seem a must (beyond all the monk goodness, could snag Power Attack in the mix).
A level of Fighter could be handy for the splashed-in +1 BAB & feat (possibly Weapon Focus).
Beyond this, I'm up in the air with which caster to go with.

Bard could be nifty for the Songs + Blur + Displacement + Haste + Greater Heroism, etc (and the decent BAB doesn't hurt)... sadly they don't have Energy Resistance & Stoneskin and get many spells later than wiz/clerics.

Wizard could be good for all their great melee-buffing spells... but of course the BAB would be rough.

Cleric could be good, but they are lacking some very nice things that Wizards can get, like Displacement.

I'm a long-time tabletop D&D player... but am still not totally used to thinking in terms of strictly 'what is available strictly in DDO'.

So given what's available in DDO, what kind of class build would you suggest for a Quarterstaff-using, melee-focused sell-buffing multiclassed caster? :)

Any suggestions appreciated!

Remember: I'm making the character fully-aware, given what's available, it won't be optimized... just help me optimize it as best you can. :D

11-26-2009, 02:58 AM
Monk2/Cleric18. Common build.

Rog2/Bard18, Warchanter. As long as you sing good, noone cares what kind of weapon you use :) You can do locks, traps, buff, heal and CC with Fascinate song.

Rog2/Wiz18. Standard WF rog/wiz. You need Divine Power clickies for better tohit.

WF Monk13/Wizard7. Kungfu with fireballs.

WF Rogue13/Wizard7, self buffing and repairing borg acrobat.

11-26-2009, 05:28 PM
Monks have full BAB when using staves, unarmed and Kama. Fighter will not give you a addition BAB with your staff.

If the goal is to combine self buffing with the staff use then sorc would be the way I would go. You will be squishy, even with displacement and stoneskin. The good news is staves are great crowd control weapons. Make sure you have either weighted or paralyzers handy and all 3 thw feats.

Depending on how you plan to actually play the build (more caster or more melee) I would look at:

Warforged is the easy racial pick but human or drow will also work well.

11-27-2009, 02:33 PM
Don't overlook Rogue. Acrobat gets a boost to attack speed with staves, and backstab.