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11-25-2009, 06:13 PM
I'm currently looking for a guild for my toons, that fits my playstile. That means I'm looking for a guild that plays for fun over anything, and not take this game to seriously. well, easier to understand, down there is how I play the game:

-Be friendly and not take things too seriously. Like if someone autorun into lava by mystake ppl should laugh and make jokes about the poor misguided guy, not get ****ed over 10% xp bonus;

-While it is nice to help players on their build, if someone wants to make an unusuall and not top build, let him be. If his toon is going to be a problem in a certain quest, just tell him politely why you won't take him in, it's no problem. But it is not necessary to be arrogant to someone couse his build is not great;

-It is ok and fun to joke around. of course, there is a line u cannot cross, beeing offensible to someone is not nice. but if u are just joking lightly ppl should laugh, and not get mad couse of it;

-I personally like giving away stuff I loot and don't need. I don't think one have to do that though. each should do as they see fit with their own loot;

-If someone's baby wake up and they need to go afk for some time, or, say, they conection breaks or they kitchen is on fire and they leave, that is not good reason enough to get mad at someone;

-I enjoy some light roleplaying, don't really create any complex story for my toons, but I sometimes some light roleplaying can make questing even funnier.

Besides that, what can I say... I've been playing in the euro server for one year or so, then stopped playing for a few months, and now came to the us server. This doesn't mean I'm a vet, just know a bit about the game :). I'm premium. I have all adventure packs, but in any case I'm not vip. I'm brazilian, english is a second language to me, so I may write a few things wrong every now and then (sorry for that). Think that sums it up. anything else just send me a private msg here or in game. Currently I'm playing:

Bonnye - lvl 5 barbarian warforged - THF mostly
Khadriel - lvl 4 bard human - Enchantment focused and finesse twf
Luciele - lvl 4 rogue halfling - Repeater/trapmonkey focused
Duerthal - lvl 12 Cleric - just heals and dvs

11-25-2009, 06:34 PM
CLAW might be the guild for you.
We have a few Brazilians in the guild. And we only take Beer Seriously...