View Full Version : Hirelings to Heroes

11-25-2009, 11:03 AM
Hirelings are a decent feature, but to encourage people to really want to buy them from the store I think they should take a look at the Guild Wars Hero model.

Things that are good, and that may be applicable to DDO.

Heroes (or hirelings) are permanent once acquired. As it is now, DDO Store hirelings seem more trouble than they are worth, they are hard to manage, AND they expire. After buying some, I'd rather just run duo with the NPC vendor ones unless the store ones are overhauled.

Heroes can be equipped with loot found in the world, and thus can be customized more. For DDO that could also be extended to stats for the hirelings.

Heroes need to be leveled in GW, and I'd recommend the same for DDO Hirelings. The selling point for the DDO store could be that hirelings are permanent, you can buy equipment or stat gear for them, AND/OR you could buy hirelings that start out at various levels but cannot exceed the level of the buyer.

Offer some (or more) multi-class versions of hirelings, and then apply items 1-3 for suggestions.