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11-25-2009, 07:39 AM
I can't figure out how to use "once per day" magic items. I have a ring of water breathing. I put it into shortcut bar. When the character is in the water I click the ring icon and get "You can't do this action underwater" message. Climb out, click again, and nothing seems to happen. Get back underwater, and the "breath meter" seems to run same as ever. What am I doing wrong?

11-25-2009, 09:12 AM
Ok, it should work like this.

You put the ring in your shortcut bar, then the box it's in will have blue brackets on the sides to let you know when the ring is equipped (if no brackets are shown, then clicking the ring will equip it to your character). When the brackets are shown, you click the ring, then the ability will trigger (occasionally it will bug out and nothing happens and you have to try again, so maybe you got unlucky and that happened the one time you used it).

Additionally, you can go into the inventory screen and double click the ring when it's worn in a ring slot and it will activate, but that's rather cumbersome compared to having it on the shortcut bar.

When the water breathing effect is active, you'll have a blue bubbly buff indicator in the top right of your screen + your character will have a bubble around his or her head.

11-27-2009, 12:02 PM
If you have the item in your inventory, but it is not equipped (being worn or wielded), then when you click on it in the hot bar, it will equip it. Sometimes you might have to click twice, if your mouse clicks don't register (i.e., delay, etc). Usually you can tell the item has equipped itself because there will be some kind of sound effect and a graphic (like a little whoosh of energy or colors). A good way to test this is to get the two bracers from Cannith Crystal quest (the axeblock and spearblock ones) and put them on your hotbar. Open your inventory screen to watch, and then go ahead and click on the bracers to equip/switch them. I use all three braces from that quest regularly, in this fashion. One you know how many times/how fast you need to click to equip an item and then activate it, you should have no trouble using the once a day clickies like the ring or a feather fall cloak.

The water breathing ring can ONLY be activated when you are OUT of the water. Even if you are floating in the water with your head above the surface, the game won't let you activate the ring/effect.

Once a day items always recharge every time you use a rest shrine, or when you enter/exit a dungeon or town.