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11-25-2009, 12:12 AM
Geeze. I went to go buy hirelings and it was like 140 points for an hour. They should be half that at

$4.20. Why? well lets say you wanted to play 6 hours. thats like 8 dollars and 40 cents! This makes

it tough for me as I am way to lazy to go out and find a party besides I dont have time. Plus, it

cuts down on the profit I make from magic items even though I relize that they probably dont want

to see a million +1 or 2 items in auction. It's totally unfair. I went and bought a hireling folder for 95

points. Is it really only supposed to hold two hirelings??? I then plunked down 395 points and got

the one that holds twelve hirelings. Turns out it wont hold active hirelings so its use is extremely

limited. both will probably end up in my vault until it gets fixed. And for gods sakes why can't I start

a thread? I relize I am just a lowly premium player but, I have spent over 200 bucks on the game

now and deserve to be able to post. And to all who said a Drow bard/rogue with 8 con and 10 dex

wouldnt work. I have slowly worked my way up to 11 con and 14 dex through enhancements items

and tomes. I even have 10 str 20 int and 22 cha. I think I have gotten my hp up to 60 now. Thats

not bad for level 5. The only question I have is how much rogue I should take. I am leaning towards

just one or two levels of it. and the rest bard. The nice thing about bard and hirelings is that a bard

can do all the swimming, secret door detection, buffing, with moderate melee and ranged attack. I

suppose one level of thief would allow you to disarm traps and unlock doors. I am guessing that

detect secret door reveals trap boxes. Right now as a rogue I get 12 skill points a level which is

nice. It seems you can take a fairly bad build and make something of it. The only thing is if my dex

gets high enough I would like to drop the medium armor feat and go light but I have already used

up a feat swap. The char seems really suited to hireling use but geeze the cost. Frodoslasher

(Army of Koros)

11-25-2009, 12:19 AM
Ugh wall of text, just one thing detect secret doors will not show trap boxes.

11-25-2009, 12:29 AM
its a waste but I will have to take more rogue then to get search and spot up. It should go quick with 12 skill points a level. I need to take 4 levels of rogue--might as well take 6 and get the lockpicking path. then do the rest bard. Only wish I could untrain sneak and hide.