View Full Version : Hey Cannith

11-21-2009, 08:16 PM
Hey all i recently rolled a toon on canith and am currently level 6.So far its been fun.Lots of different ways to play.The one thing ive been haveing a problem with is slow groups.Im a zerging maniac at heart and when i put up an lfm for a fast run no optional quest all i ever get is people that go do optionals and stop here and stop there and then the speed run has become a long involved process.

Aw well im sure ill have better luck at some point.Well i made a guild called No Rest For The Wicked.Its just me and a few buddys from my home server right now(might try to recruit once im capped or at least near it)If you see Evilbane which is my toon or any other guild members we are all very experienced players just branching out and meeting new people.

So hi to all and see ya around stormreach im sure.