View Full Version : Need help choosing - tempestdpsmech/intim fighter

11-21-2009, 10:13 AM
Hi - I need some advice from folks with at least one lvl 20 plz.

I play exclusively with a partner, he has settled on a pure ranger. We both are new but have played for about two weeks now, and have experimented with most of the classes (but not casters).

I have a 18 ranger/1 rogue/1monk template I like, and a pure fighter. Both are dwarves, I was going to go with dwarven axe twf on both, warhammers for bludgeon. I have not gone past lvl 3 content yet (still exploring Stormreach).

I can't decide on which to take as main with my partner. The fighter was going to go stalwart and max health and intim plus high crit skills. The ranger/rogue/monk I've started as mech heavy and enjoy doing traps/locks.

In other mmporgs, we've had difficulty getting into groups for higher level and epic instances/raids because my partner is my son and he doesn't type (fairly young) but he's an awesome, skilled player. So I've always had to roll some type of support character to get us invited. My question is, what would be of higher value to groups for my char? The high intim/hps fighter? Or the high dps/lockpick/trap tempest bld? Both are very fun so far, I can't decide. The fighter seems to really be able to dish out the pain, but the tempest is fun for the ol and devices (I know his power comes much later). I'm torn because I'm thinking for our first characters the tempest/skills is probably a better choice to explore the game, but will result in us getting into fewer groups.

Thx for advice.