View Full Version : Is it worth it after level 1 for int.

11-20-2009, 02:38 PM
If your a rogue, is it worth ever boosting your int. My knowledge would say no, but my friend decided to boost his int and his strength by 1 point, putting his int up to 15, and his strength for 13. Leaving his base dex at 16. I'm pretty sure that's going to bite him back in the ass later, but I'm probably wrong, is there any benifit to this. He wishes to boost his int up to a 16 so he has a better chance to find traps with high search DCs. He might go up to 18 int.

11-20-2009, 02:42 PM
i would say yes that will bite him later the 1 intel isnt helping anything since he has 15 wich is exactly the same as 14. if he were to boost it again he would have 16 which will give him a +1 (well +3) to search and disable, as well as 1 more skill per level but thats only 8 levels left since he will have to wait to lvl 12. intel is nice on a rogue and i rolled mine with 16 but i wouldnt put level ups into it

11-20-2009, 04:44 PM
My rogues would probably not sell any INT tomes they found, they would probably use them to boost permanent INT.

However I don't think I would ever select INT as a level-up stat unless it was required for a specific feat and a Tome would not get me there. I think the Assassin prestige stuff and combat expertise feat are the most common reasons for that.

There are only a few opportunities to increase a stat during level up, so general wisdom is to concentrate on one of them, and have a plan before you even create the character so you know where you need to go from the initial stat distribution. A finesse rogue would probably focus on DEX, while others may go for STR, depending on how they intend to DPS in the end game.

If he is just worried about search DC's, most of those can be hit by a rogue with 12 int, maxed search & disable device, a few AP enhancements, and decent gear. There are even some feats that can be taken to help, although typically a Rogue can focus on combat feats unless they are some build low on skill points, like a Fighter/Rogue with low Int (then they can use fighter feats for the combat stuff, and take skill focus: Search, Disable, Nimble Fingers, etc. with rogue levels)

A fox's cunning spell when you need to search for a trap is probably tons better than a permanent stat point increase that is just for that one situation... especially if it turns out later that not spending those points on DEX leads to problems with AC or To-hit bonus.

11-20-2009, 11:17 PM
Yes it's a mistake. Btw is your friend a halfling?

11-20-2009, 11:20 PM
Yeah, I'd have to agree that he screwed up. If he'd put both into INT, that would be different, but to my knowledge, a +1 Int item (to even it out) won't do jack for skill points at level-up, and there are far easier ways to boost the skill for searching. Even at mid-levels, it's not much harder to find +2 stat items than it is +1. I've seen several at reasonable prices at brokers (Not so much the AH...) and decent +X skill items are even easier to find and would probably help more. If he Spots something he can't find in a Search, it's easy enough to hit the Skill Boost and try again.