View Full Version : Is it worth sticking around Korthos?

11-20-2009, 11:40 AM
I did Misery Peak quest, but had not yet explored all (or even most?) of Korthos Island. Out of 12 "special locations" (or whatever they are called) I only found 4, and 1 out of 3 "rare encounters". Is it worthwhile exploring the rest of Korthos Island, or should I proceed to Storm Reach? My character is a level 2 ranger, with about 10,000 xp to go before level 3.

11-20-2009, 11:56 AM
Go to Stormreach. You can always come back.

11-20-2009, 12:46 PM
Its really a number crunching thing. If you'd like to try and fill out all the explorer zones AND get maximum exp for doing so (which is nice as 750 kills caps out at 2800 exp if you do the Korthos island one before level 4) then go for it. Otherwise, just go to Stormreach and perform a few quests. You'll get your level up in no time.

11-21-2009, 07:48 AM
Go to the harbor and Marketplace.

If you are new to the game, Korthos is fine for figuring out the aspects of the game. You should learn that falling from a height gives you damage, BAM!! I wisk I had feather fall or a Ring of Feathers or Boots of Feather Falling.

Harbor and Marketplace will give you better treasure and more EXP. Although the treasure is not that great but better than Korthos. You could even pull a Muckbane and or a Ring of Feathers.

Come back to Korthos when you are higher level to get the favor for those quests. The loot in Korthos is very low level and the EXP and gold you get is low level.

11-24-2009, 06:10 PM
Harbor and Marketplace will give you better treasure and more EXP. Although the treasure is not that great but better than Korthos. You could even pull a Muckbane and or a Ring of Feathers.
Speaking of experience, if you abandon a quest, do you get any xp for the monsters you already killed?

11-24-2009, 06:18 PM
other than bench mark kills ,ie rares and totals ,all xp is awarded on completion only

11-24-2009, 06:22 PM
You only get experience at discreet points. When you complete objectives or optionals for example. You must complete a quest to the "normal" experience award for that quest, so leaving part way thru you abandon all progress you made (unless you are able to get back into the quest in 5 minutes or less).

As for leaving Korthos, I would actually suggest you run a number of those quests, and get all the nice magic items you can use from the end rewards. Many of those items are superior to most end rewards from Harbor quests.

DDO is not a RACE, there are no in game brownie points for rushing thru things fast. Take your time and learn about your character and how the game works. A veteran player with 20 toons under their belt might well just skip a lot of stuff, but that is a poor choice for a new player. Enjoy the journey. You do not need to try and complete the Slayer Quest (750 kills in the outdoor zone), but the other parts will give you experience in how many of the other explorer zones are set up. Most spots are at quest entrances or interesting geography. You learn what to look for by figuring out where they are.

There will be plenty of time to run other quests and more, and you can surely move a second character thru things much faster once you have seen things for yourself, but please take your time and explore and experience what the game has to offer. Too many players get consumed with rushing to the higher levels and fail to learn about their characters. Vets see them and end up shaking their heads when someone like that does stuff that makes no sense in the game, because they never had a chance to learn better.

11-28-2009, 04:59 AM
(+1 rep to Zenako for good advice)

The experience and variety of loot you get in Stormreach is better than in Korthos, but there are many useful items worth picking up in Korthos:

The Axeblock, Spearblock, and Assistance (Temp Hit Point/Bless) bracers (Get all of these from Cannith Crystal!)
The feather falling and healing cloaks.
Troubleshooter goggles (if you worry about finding traps etc)
The Anger's Step set from Misery's Peak, or the Pathfinider's Set (both give +2 to hit)
Archivist's set from the same, if you are a spellcaster.
Goggles of Insight (competence bonus to hit), this is an item that you will keep for many levels, its that good
Helm of Haggling - sure its a puny +1...but it increases your profit and decreases your costs for every vendor sale/purchase, and over time you will save TONS of gold
Magic Ring that increases your spell points (if you are a caster) from Collaborator, plus several nice weapons - the handwraps are handy for oozes later.

In addition, the "Starter" potions of Cure Light Wounds you get in Korthos drops will heal Warforged players for full value, unlike regular CLW potions - this is *very* important if you play a WF character.

I now have veteran status and can start a fresh character at 4th level if I want - but I still take them back to Korthos immediately to get those wonderful bracers and some other useful things. If you solo a lot, having more than one pair of Bracers of Assistance can mean the difference between surviving or dying (10 extra HP and a +1 to hit is huge at low level). The Axeblock/Spearblock ones will save your life, too, especially when you have an idea what you are about to fight (spearblock vs Kobolds and Spiders, for example).

It is worth doing the Explorer quest for XP (its not hard to find all 12 spots in a single run, and do it in under 20 minutes, if you check out the online map resources to see where you need to go)

With the lesser bane weapons from Collaborator, you can wade thru armies of Sahugin to gain XP from the Slayer quest (I usually do it up thru the 200 monster level, then move on). Pretty much free Xp while you move around the island doing other things, plus the satisfaction of seeing the "dead fishman flop". :)

The rares aren't worth extra effort - check their spawn points whenever you pass by on the way to do something else, but don't stress out trying to farm them. Their drops are nice for a new player (rings that bump your AC, etc) but nothing exceptional that you can't pick up in the big city later for cheap.

Korthos is full of annoying, noisy and generally confused almost-groups, but it has a LOT of useful gear for you to gather up - in the end rewards from quests, and from the ton of breakables you get to smash in some quests.

11-30-2009, 09:34 AM
Thanks for all the replies! I went back several times by now, and found there is a BIG difference between "hard" and "elite" levels. My ranger 3 did the Scroll quest at "hard" level several times with barely a sweat. At "elite" level she got killed by the CR 6 sahuagin (and wasted a load of healing potions) twice, before finally defeating it on the third try, with some careful planning. Oh, and Cannith Crystal quest I could not do alone even on "hard" setting.

I found all 12 Explorer locations, but racking up Slayer score has become tedious. For the time being I will concentrate on Stormreach.

11-30-2009, 01:50 PM
Many of the Korthos quests require groups on Elite. You could, at a later level, go back and solo some of them on elite without much trouble. But Misery's Peak and Cannith Crystal are two that give even a higher level character some trouble. Maybe not Misery's Peak as much - but it is a lot more fun (and faster) with at least two people.

Agreed on the items - My bard still uses the Anger's Wrath set and those +1 to hit goggles.

I also agree about picking up the full XP value for the explorer areas in Korthos Island. At 3rd level, exploring all of Korthos Island should be a breeze, and the XP is non-trivial. You'll pick up some of the rares along the way as well. I also recommend you not neglect Cerulean Hills for the same reason.