View Full Version : Hardcore server?

11-18-2009, 07:01 PM
I have been playing DDO for a few months now. I did play Neverwinter nights and I really liked the HCR (Hard Core Rules) rules sets that a lot of world builders used.

I would like to see if we can petition Turbine to create a Hard Core Server that will give us mature and experience players the challenge we are looking for.

Here is my list of suggestions

1. Remove or deactivate all resurrection shines.
2. Give the tavern Soul binders, the ability to resurrect for a fee. I think the 3.0 rules book has a guild for cost.
2. Rest Shrines should have a chance to spring random monsters who could disrupt the rest. Disrupted rest cannot be recovered.
4. Put in torches, lanterns and light spells and and light from magical weapons. Put in Infavision and ultravision for race characters.
5. Spell affect everone and everything. A fireball thrown in the middle of a battle should also hurt friend and foe.
6. There should be quest for good and evil characters that will tip the Alignment to what ever direction the player wants. Use the normal Alignment rules for monsters and interactions as per the 3.0 rules.
7. Characters and races that have special detection skills (listening, detect evil or whatever) should be able to use them and a dot or something indicating a presence should show up on the mini-map.

Things like the DDO store and the auctions are fine.