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11-15-2009, 06:52 PM
Ok, I'm just tossing this out there for some laughs and some seriousness at the same time.

The All Seeing Eye.
Race: drow most likely.
This build would focus on having between 2-8 level of rogue, and being the parties 'finder' by combining a focused rogue skillset with the clerics high wisdom. It would be viable as, for when the party doesn't need as much healing, ranged dps support depending on the rogue levels, given a decent dex and a good crossbow.

The Rogue Wizard
Race: elf or halfling. halfling makes for epic stealth on fewer points into stealth skills.
This build focus on dex/int since both are supremely important to wizard, and make rogue at early levels only the slightest bit challenging. Your first 2 levels should be rogue, and you should focus in search, spot, listen, disable device, open lock, or purely utilitarian skills, to include hide and move silently.
Using this build will let you apply your 'huge' number of wizard skill points more effectively since you can apply them to relatively high skills when you become a wizard. You can rely less on spells as long as you have the skills high enough, and a good crossbow. This frees up your spells for either damage or control, maybe even defense.

The Invisible Cannon
Race: drow most likely.
This build would be the more lucrative, of the 3 as you can use int as your dump-stat for skill points.
This is a stealth/damage build that can make really good use of haggle, damage spells, and surprise attacks with powerful spells. I don't have a suggestion for the class ratio on this one, though I do suggest enough Sorc for good PrE.

11-15-2009, 07:57 PM
Ok, I'm just tossing this out there for some laughs and some seriousness at the same time.
. . .

I like the combos and names suggested. I forewarn you there are already named builds that take on those combos.

I do have a bit of feedback on the Rogue Cleric though. You use Drow which will start very nicely due to the large bonus to stats in the beginning but get chances to raise CHA. May I suggest Human, Dwarf, or Halfling? Rogues like high INT and DEX. Melee capable Clerics Like STR, CON, and WIS. Taking this into consideration CHA would be a good "Dump" stat. Dwarves will get CON enhancements as well as decent cleric enhancements. Humans are the ultimate "I can do anything" race. Halflings will get healing dragon marks and DEX enhancements ^_^

Oh and Wizard Rogue may want to add warforge as a great race to play. ^_^

May I also mention.

The Jack of All Trades. Bard 17 / Rogue 3
Pros: Casting, singing, decent melee (+2d6 back stab), and a TON of skills.
Cons: Wis may end up as your dump stat, but that may hurt some of your rogue skills.
Suggested races, Drow or Human

The Charmed Drifter Favored Soul 18 / Rogue 2
Pros: Decent MP divine magic
Cons: Lacks an effective dump stat. . .
Suggested races: Drow, Human, Elf, Halfling.