View Full Version : Change Level Range on Create Party

11-14-2009, 03:12 PM
When running lower levels, I see so many people join then quit - or ***** about being power leveled. This is due to the default range given when you create a party 2 above and 2 below, which means you are setting up people to power level and lose XP.

Before, it was listed as 1-20 which made more people look at the levels. Now, newer players are creating groups and just accepting anyone who applies. While this is a situation with the new players needing to learn more, you are defaulting them into a losing situation.

Please set it to 1 level above and 1 level below, so that the default party isn't power levelling anyone. Experienced players will still change that range anyways, so it won't drastically affect playing but make it more new player friendly.