View Full Version : That one unread message on my.ddo- it mocks me...

11-14-2009, 11:55 AM
I recently discovered my.ddo (maybe about a month ago, give or take) and began an interesting dialogue via p.m. with a newly friended old acquaintance. Among other things we discussed the possible procurement on my part of a warforged belonging to him.
Problem is, I can no longer access my mail. Every time I try, it gives me this error message:
"We're very sorry to say that an unexpected error has occurred for you. The site administrators have been notified about the cause of this error. Additionally, I can assure you that the public flogging of the developer responsible for this error will be severe."
I would like to see this fixed, but also... if it's a public flogging, do I get to be the one delivering the lash? If not, then at least provide information about when the punishment shall commence, and if concessions will be available to snack on during the viewing.