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11-11-2009, 07:32 AM
Heya, I have a level 6 elf Paladin and a level 6 halfing rogue - and while I quite like the concept of both, now that I have a clue (and have read and absorbed the starters guide for them on the DDO wiki - thank you creators) I thought it might be time to reroll and start properly rather than just letting the game do it all.

so i thought i would do a human Nannybot:

and a halfing rogue, skills focused:

My question is, now that 32 points have come into play should i look at trying to use one of those? and maybe a FS or a drow.

Any addition suggestions/advice to give my poor little clue company are welcome.

11-11-2009, 08:30 AM
Well, first of all, drow do not get to use 32 point builds. Depending on what type of character you are making, the attribute bonuses Drow get can give them higher stats than a 32 point elf, for instance, a drow wizard can have a starting intelligence of 20, where no 32 point character can.

Second, if you are deciding to spend turbine points on 32 point builds, consider what characters you are interested in making.

Here's a hint, the guide you are linking to was written some time ago, the advice you will find on the class and character build forums will be more up to date. One glaring omission from the cleric guide, for instance, is the quicken spell feat, which, like you'd expect, makes your spells cast faster at the expense of SP. What you might not expect, is that it also makes it impossible for your spells to be interrupted, making it invaluable in situations where the cleric can not avoid taking damage with the rest of the party and needs to be casting mass cures without failing concentration checks. The speed also makes it handy for dropping blade barriers while you run, a defensive/offensive move that will leave you alive and whatever is chasing you dead.

The rogue section also has some problems. For instance, it recommends full points into the jump skill. The jump skill caps at 40, period. The jump spell adds up to 30 to your jump skill. Your rogue skill boost adds up to 5 points, and your strength bonus adds a few more. Jump is just plain skippable. Rogue must-haves are UMD, Search, disable, spot, open lock, diplomacy, hide, move silently, and maybe tumble and balance. 10 skills, so a human with 12 int can get them all, or a halfling with 14 int. Spend the extra points on dex, dex, and more dex. Some rogues indeed go with a really high intelligence for the assassinate ability assuming they take way of the assassin 2, but way of the assassin 3 basically makes all your weapons vorpal as long as you are sneak attacking, and makes that less important. Also, the difference between a "skill based rogue" and a "damage based rogue" is one of attitude only. Anyone with a level or two of rogue can take full ranks in rogue skills (assuming enough int) and disable traps with the best of them. A pure rogue does have some advantages, though the way of the mechanic is largely regarded as overkill, but the main difference between a rogue splash trapsmith and a pure rogue is that the pure rogue can dish out far more damage than any splash can dream about with proper use of sneak attacks. And if assassin, get vorpal strikes while they are doing it, and use diplomacy if their "subtle backstabbing" does not keep them clear, and even if you are alone, you can eventually build yourself a "radiance" shroud weapon that will blind your target on a crit, making all your attacks sneak attacks and making them miss 50% of the time because, well, they are blind. This, as you can imagine, is pretty close to uber.

Going back to 32 point builds, clerics, rely mostly on wisdom. To the extent they want to fight a little some strength is not out of order, but except for a few specially built clerics, most give up swinging weapons by the time they get blade barrier, slay living, commetfall, destruct, etc, so more than a few points into strength will not be as useful as it sounds. There are cleric builds that benefit more than a little bit from being 32 points, but most 28 point clerics are nearly indistinguishable from their 32 point counterparts, having perhaps 2 more points of constitution, or 2 more points of charisma, or some other minor difference.

The same can not be said for some very attribute-intensive characters. A defensive two-weapon monk or monk splash with combat expertise NEEDS 17 dex, 13 int, and as much wisdom as they can pile on, on top of str for damage, and con for HP. It gets worse if the character is primarily a paladin and needs charisma. Not any room for slack here, stick to 32 pointers and get your tomes ready for use at minimum level.

Your average rogue lies someplace in between, you do need a certain amount of int, con, dex (and more dex) and a bit of strength. Some rogues crank charisma for UMD, but that's optional.

I highly recommend checking out some of the builds on these forums, especially in the class-specific forums, then make your own decisions about what sounds like fun to play. The advice will be far more up-to-date, and you'll have a much better idea about weather you need 32 point builds to do what you want to do or not.

11-11-2009, 09:36 AM
My question is, now that 32 points have come into play should i look at trying to use one of those?
Since 28 pt builds will be upgradable to 32 pt in the near future (through the store), it's not really mandatory anymore to start with 32 pt. Having 32 pt rarely makes a significant difference.

11-11-2009, 11:20 AM
so i thought i would do a human Nannybot:

A 32 point doesn't really affect a cleric. A 28 pt build would look something like this

Str: 8
Dex: 8
Con: 14 (6)
Int: 8
Wis: 18 (16)
Cha: 14 (6)

Going to 32 will allow you to buff up either 2 dumpstats or 1 useful stat.

Str is useful for low level play, but once you hit level 11, you're better off just Blade Barriering and Cometfalling. Dex is worthless because you're going to be using full plate and by wearing a few Dex items, you're going to cap yourself out of Dex AC anyways. It's okay for low level play before you get Dex items though. Int might be something you push up a bit so you can get Concentration (must have) and something else like Balance or Jump, although you can forgo jump more or less once you get HouseP buffs.

The other thing you can do is jack your Con to 16 to get 20 more HP over the course of your character or jack your Cha to 16 for 1 more DV.

I think the best choice is to go Con, because you can never have too much. That said, going a 32 point build will give you 1 more HP per level. Nice, but certainly not a game breaker.

11-11-2009, 02:14 PM
Thank you all for your excellent advice.

Yeah I kind of realised that the guide was a little out of date - I've only dipped a little into the forums and had not found quite what I thought I had wanted - but I'll try again now I have a little more of an idea. Thank you particularly for your specific comments on that though William_the_Bat. Your comment on skills makes me understand *why* I haven't really found that build recently here. And I do find the rogue more fun to play.

I was warned a Nannybot is expensive and thankless - while I haven't got very far I am finding this the case althought someone said I just needed to get my economy going. I also haven't quite go the coordination going yet although a long time player suggested a set up to do deal with some of that.

And yeah, my cluelessness is why I'm muddling around here before I spend my turbine points. This game is so *complex* - but that's part of the reason I like it.