View Full Version : Socializing, hrmph. [LFG]

11-10-2009, 07:39 PM
I joined a guild so I could join and run in a static group, as DDO seems to be very group oriented. Yes, you can solo up to a point but if you haven't established yourself in a group by then, you seem to be outta luck.

My guild, Exalti, is friendly and very helpful. However not many people are usually online and guild chat is often dead for hours.

I would like to join a static group, perhaps shift to a new guild, and run adventures. I'd like to have a semi-consistent time of game play and players to run the various game stories with.

My main is a monk/cleric, built around destroying undead. Soloin' mummies is serious business.

What I'm looking for in a static group:
1 Melee-Tank, prefer a warrior.
2 Damage Dealers, one being a ranger. The other should be a wizard or sorcerer.
1 Specialist, a hardcore rogue/bard would be sublime.
1 Healer, Favored Soul or Cleric.
and myself, melee damage.

Contact me in game, add me in game. Let's meet up and discuss it over drinks at the Rusty Nail.

-Ukiah, Member of Exalti.