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11-10-2009, 01:29 PM
I havent been playing DDO long but so far im very impressed with my options for customizing my characters. I feel that combat is done well and from where i am sitting there is plenty of content for all the levels. What i would like to see more of is a few more customization options. In PNP there were some really great options to change the features of the base classes. My all time favourite was the option for rogues to lose sneak attack and gain feats as a fighter. This allowed me to create amazing utility characters with great defense and awesome skills. What was great about that was when i suplemented rogue levels to have a fighter with high skill points, i got to take more of those feats i needed instead of gaining 1 or two sneak attack dice i didn't really want. It helped me put together a guy who could jump, tumble, balance and hide with crazy trip and disarm DC's, not to mention kick alot of butt and take a few hits too.

Also with that option you could make a true trap monkey, finally being able to take a few skill focus feats without gimping yourself to hard. Granted you would have to make some enhancements cross class, but that just seems like it would add ot the fun. You could really manipulate the bab, hp, skills and abilities of your character without it become unbalanced. deciding exactly what to sacrifice and what to keep.

I keep trying to make a build that's just the right mix between rogue and fighter but i never end up satisfied. I am always 1 feat short, and have to let go of a skill i really want. There are alot of feats like slicing blow, sap and hamstring that i really want to use but just can't seem to fit them in. There were alot of great options like this for all the classes, primarily in the player's handbook 2 but in other places as well. for instance there was a variant where fighters lost their feats at 4th and 8th level and gained large bonuses to STR when trying to break things like doors and chains and their bull rush gained the ability to damage targets when they get bull rushed into a solid object. That was a lot of fun! and where is bull rush btw?! bull rush was awesome. I would love to be able to knock people around. also flaws and traits were good fun too!(unearthed arcana)

i think a few options in this regard would add alot of enjoyment to the game. In my opinion the reason 3.5 is still one of hte best games ever is that you have unrivaled character customization options, and bringing as much of that as you can into DDO will make the game truer to what made people love it in the first place. I think alot of theese options could be added with little programming, like feats for rogues or sneak attack for fighters. You guys have added alot of great customization iwth the enhancements, i love that system. But adding some more core customization to a few of the classes themselves could be alot of fun. And encourage people to do what they love most; make new characters.

thank you for your time and please post here if you would also like to see such changes implemented.