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11-10-2009, 07:57 AM
Just recently started playing ddo. I started on cannith. Thought since i had started new, would be nice if a new server would pop up. and wow look one did on nov 4th. so i decided since i wasnt to far into cannith, id move. I only made it to lvl 10 on cannith with a f2p fighter. After playing on Orien a few days, and lvling up a fighter to lvl 7. I soon realized we lacked experianced healers(not to offend anyone who can heal, just not lucky enough to party with you) I decided to become a vip and I baught FvS class. and ive gone pure healing FvS. now im still a little rusty on d&d as well this isnt exactly like the kinda d&d i played in my basement with my buddie 20 years ago. but the fact im very attentive and can pay attention, and react soley on intuition. playing a healer is a great job for me.

Im prefering to find a guild that has mostly vip's so that the guild im in can run the same content as me. but its not totally important that all peeps be vip. I guess the second thing(even tho ddo has voice chat) is the guild have its own voice chat (vent/ts) reason for this is i can adjust peoples volumes from my end, rather then constantly having to ask them to turn up/down their end(this isnt a total must, but ingame voice chat is just kinda crappy here).

If anyone is interested in having me as a part of your healing force in your guild. pls contant me ingame(I play mostly nights, and weekends- i work mornings)

Characters to contant if interest(Micca Doom lvl4 FvS - Qintus Loxley lvl 7 Ftr)

11-10-2009, 10:15 AM
Look for us online in the evenings from about 8:30 PM. We have around 12 members, most F2P, at the moment. If on during the daytime look for Zooz. He's a Euro player so often online during our late mornings to afternoons.

Otherwise look for Therigar or Mavren. Or send a tell to any of the Defenders of Orien. You'll be more than welcome.

We are pretty flexible, not pushing too fast, working on getting the main group of players up to L7 or 8 this week.