View Full Version : Silver Flame Nugget Reward Selection advise

11-07-2009, 03:48 AM
Was wondering to seek fellow forumers and vets advice as in which would be a better choice for a healer / nuker cleric.

* Aegis of Flame - (Shield) +5 Large Shield, Mithral, Silver Flame, Shield Spikes
* Bastion of Fealty - (Armor) +5 Full Plate (MDB: 2), Nightshield (CL:14, 1/rest), Spell Resistance (22)
* Beacon of Tira - (Helmet) Superior Benevolence VI, Superior Devotion VI, Superior Combustion VI
* Chain of Conviction - (Armor) +5 Chainmail (MDB:5, Nightshield (CL:14, 1/rest), Spell Resistance (22),Mithral
* Cloth of the Faithful - (Robe) Nightshield (CL:14, 1/rest), Wizardry VI, Spell Resistance (22)
* Docent of the Flames - (Docent) +5 Docent, Nightshield (CL:14, 1/rest), Reinforced Plating +1, Spell Resistance (22)

I was thinking of Cloth of the Faithful, for the spell resist and Wizardry, but its cloth. Beacon of Tira looks pretty sweet, but I already have Minos on.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

11-07-2009, 04:24 AM
A cleric should have better SR from his spells almost constantly, and you can easily get better spellpoint items on greensteel.

The hat might help you with Heal and MCMW.