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11-04-2009, 12:52 PM
I've played a lot of MMOs, and I played TONS of DND when I was a teenager, 2nd edition joy.

One of the most interesting things I have kept coming across in DDO is the discrepancy between melee characters, and spell casters. (read as wizard/sorcerer)

In almost all the forum threads I read, spellcasters are almost always relied on for pure utility, and almost no desire to have them be damage dealers. Stuns, paralyzing, webs, greases, and a ton of buffs people rely on these things out of the classes way more then some damage, in almost all posts I read.

I made a wizard and a sorcerer to test out how they actually played. And wierdly if I wanted to be successful, I had to play a utility role rather then a damage dealing roll. Specifically if I was playing solo. The fact that spellcasters have mana as a gauge on how useful they are compared to melee classes not having an endurance seems to imbalance the usefulness of the different styles of play in direct relation to the killing power of the characters in question.

A spell caster can try to damage mobs, but unless there is a liberal sprinkling of shrines they might be rather useless once in a while, and from my experience you are more reluctant to partake in every trash fight as you are attempting to make those spell points last.

I also have been reading that multiclassing the wizards for the utility in say a rogue wizard or fighter wizard roll is almost pointless, as every buff you can get from the wizard splashes which you would want for your utility, is mostly coverable by purchasable potions, and that these potions on average will last longer then your wizards duration due to lower wizard levels.

so ... my question is. Is there much real point in playing a wizard class, when almost everything seems to be doable much better by being a twf/thf varient or healer, specifically because majority of written reports of new content state that the wizard spells CC is all but useless in the new content (30% land rate on webs is next to useless...)

note: I haven't reached end game, I don't know how valid my points will truly be, hence the question. Everything I have noted is what i have read over and over and over on these boards and from 2nd hand knowledge of those who actually play.

11-04-2009, 01:04 PM
Spell caster do get more powerfull as they level up. You will get spells like firewall, fireball, just to mention a few. Then there are the instant kill spells. A spell caster can drive a tank nuts by instant kill a mob he is getting ready to swing at.

Sorcerers do get more spell points than wizards do, however wizards are able to change out their spells in a tavern or at a shrine.

Just keep with it. Most people see a shift in power in the higher levels.

11-05-2009, 11:22 PM
Just keep with it. Most people see a shift in power in the higher levels.

Are you suggesting a shift in power towards casters? Don't sugar coat it for him.

CC and instakill can be effective, given a good build. The most recent battlefield area was particularly difficult for casters, as all PC's and NPC's have a constant GH effect there, meaning higher trash mob saves.

However, by and large you'll be playing the support role. You might do some unique tasks that other classes might have a much more difficult time with, but generally it comes down to DPS.

As a sidenote though, casters can make for some of the best solo characters, given their wide range of capabilities. Obviously it depends on the quest, but it's worth mentioning.