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11-03-2009, 11:28 PM

I've been playing as a Paladin and I have no idea where to direct my 22 enhancement points towards...

So far I have a level 6 Paladin almost 7:

18 STR
14 CON
11 WIS
14 CHA

I also already have Paladin Toughness I and Paladin Attack Boost I

I also have Weapon Focus: Slashing, and Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Khopesh.

How do you recommend I continue my build?

11-04-2009, 07:36 AM
How do you enjoy playing and what is your goal for the build?

11-04-2009, 10:42 AM
Well I generally play within a group, and I'm not entirely sure what my goal is, I guess I'm looking for a few suggestions... By the way now able to level up, just waiting on some responses on what to do with my character, thanks for the input. :)

11-04-2009, 11:06 AM
There really are so many nice Paladin Enhancements that it is tough to get all the ones you want...well at least I did with mine.

Below are some of the highlights IMO:

Aura enhancements-Since you said that you play in a group alot, things that up your Aura's effectivness can be very benifical to the group, Bulwork of Good and Resistance of Good can help bolster your party member's (and your) AC and saves.

Healing/Raise-The extra Lay on Hands enhancements help out in a hectic situation as you can hit yourself or another with a quick shot of hps letting the healer catch up. This will also open up the Paladin Redemption line (ability to raise dead) with your LoH ability, which can be nice if the cleric goes down and no one else has raise capabilities.

Combat Abilities-IMO you can never have too many Smite Evils, this single attack can hit for a ton of damage once you start acumulating your Exalted Smite enhancements, both should be kept up to the best that you can for your level. I also really enjoy the Divine Sacrifice line, a fairly low cost for a boost to your DPS. As for Divine Might, I would suggest getting it, it adds +2 to damage for 1 min spurts and costs you a turn attempt, for 1 AP there really is nothing else you will use them for so IMO it is a no brainer. If you get your base Cha up you will be able to take higher versions of this.

I don't really use the action boosts too much with my paly...mainly because I don't have the extra points to put on them and for Paladin/Racial toughness, i would stick to only the first two, I don't think anything past that is worth the cost-to-benefit ratio. The only other thing to consider would be your paladin Prestige Enhancement if you want one, that may dictate which enhancments that you need to take.

11-05-2009, 01:21 AM
What do you suggest I put my enhancement points into for a dual-wield khopesh?

11-05-2009, 01:48 AM
You cannot dual with only 8 dex base. You need 15 for the feat.

11-05-2009, 02:38 AM
You cannot dual with only 8 dex base. You need 15 for the feat.

Well, you can fight with two weapons regardless of your dexterity. It's just that you'll suffer without the right feats/stats of course.

As far as setting up enhancements I'd suggest to the OP that he just play around with what he thinks will work or what sounds like it might be interesting. Your enhancements can be changed at a later time by talking to a trainer for you class. The trainer will give you an option to reset your action points which you can then reallocate all at once as you see fit. Just remember this costs money and can only be done once every 2 days and 18 hours. The cost depends on your current level.

So play around, have fun, and don't sweat it if things don't work out just the way you want because you can always change them later.