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11-03-2009, 11:58 AM
Is there a list of suffixes, main types, and prefixes of weapons? I have gotten a holy maul of righteousness (recently put on the Khyber AH), so I was wondering if there were any other super good combinations like that. . .

Is there a Smiting _____ of Construct Bane? If you can think of the best combinations on weapons please list them here. I suppose I'll put my target enemies:

Flesh Renders/Ice and Fire Reavers
Ghosts and Wraiths
Basically anything with so much DR that it renders the usage of regular slashing weapons completely useless.

11-03-2009, 12:04 PM
Skeletons holyburst maul of greater undead bane or cursespewing of disurption

Constructssmiting of greater concstruct bane

Flesh Renders/Ice and Fire Reaversvorpal of anything

Ghosts and Wraiths
ghosttouch of disruption

Basically anything with so much DR that it renders the usage of regular slashing weapons completely useless.well, against skellys use blunt weapons, consctructs are tricky but adamantine bypasses the most of them, for renders and reavers you need cold iron or good (iirc) and for ghosts and wraiths a +1 ghosttouch anything is enough as they have only dr/magic

11-03-2009, 02:10 PM
Visty gave you pretty much the best. As i think you might be a new player, and most of those would be unavaliable to you, lemme give you some options.


1st thing is get a bludgeoning. Skellies have dr/bludgeon, and thats what makes them messy at the first levels.

They you want pretty much anything but ice for damage. Holy is particularly good, as they are all evil, as is undead banes for obvious reasons.

Your best bet for undead though is disruption


Adamantine weapons. Power attack. Great if you can get a bane suffix on a adamantine weapon.

Flesh Renders/Ice and Fire Reavers

Damage. ICe against fire reavers, fire against ice reavers, not sure about renders. Better tha that is a paralyzing weapon. Better is a vorpal.

Ghosts and Wraiths

Ghost touch. They have low HP, what makes them messy is the incorporeal. They die quite easily once thats taken care of