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11-02-2009, 10:09 PM
Yes its been covered before but after responding to another thread on the subject had an idea.

What if................

After reviving a character he regained 1 hit point per point of skill plus the bonus of the heal/repair kit. This total is reduced by the number of negatives the incapped character currently has for hp.

what if heal kits had the ability to mimic other potions if your heal skill is high enough (range = touch/very close)

heal skill kit type mimic potion/ effect

1-10 basic kit revive a character
15 +1 kit remove posion (but does not prevent future posionings)
25 +2 kit lesser restoration
35 +3 kit remove disease
45 +4 kit reduces effects of death penalty by 1 tier
55 +5 kit grants hit point portion of heroes feast upon rest

the abilities would be like having an item with multi-tiered UMD perhaps and if your skill isnt high enough it wont enable that part of the kit. Also you are limited by the type of heal kit, with basic kits only having tier 1 abilty, +1 kits have tier 2, +2 have tier 3 and so on ect.

Warforged having alien inner workings will need different effects, none of which have I thought about yet. Maybe something for temp dr boosts or fortitude save boosts or some other effects.

Open to ideas and thoughts

11-03-2009, 06:37 AM
New uses?

Hells, can't even get people to use them as is now...

But I like the idea of adding more functionality to Kits.

I have always thought more along the lines of them acting as a Cure pot, or removing various states, like Diseases, Poisons, etc.

Better your Heal skill the more stats you can remove. Similar in function to CLR Diving Cleansing as it grows in power.