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11-02-2009, 07:55 PM
I am semi new to DDO, I have been playing about 2 weeks and am getting a decent feel for the game, the one thing I do know is that a small mistake early can really hurt a character. I have recently reached 400 favor and unlocked drow and am looking to make a new toon to level all the way to 20 and want to make a drow, I have been playing MMO's for about 10+ years now and always find myself as the healer/buffer/support role which I enjoy allot so right now I am thinking of making either a drow cleric, favored soul (yes I bought this one before thinking enough about it) or bard and am not sure of build ideas and if a drow is even viable for any of these roles.

suggestions and possible builds would be greatly appreciated

11-02-2009, 08:14 PM
I think you should try to go with a drow cleric, if healing, buffing is what your into. Just go all out into wisdom and charisma id say, and a fair amount of constitution if you think that high hp is better than self healing. This is all i can really say because im not all that good myself. If i were to suggest anything that would be it tho. Goodluck.

11-02-2009, 08:22 PM
drow are ok as clerics. Higher charisma gives you more divine vitality. Sadly though, as a drow having low constitution and a lower AC as a cleric is no advantage. A human, dwarf or hafling could do the same job with a few perks and more hp. If you want a drow just for the sake of having a drow thats fine also, you cant really mess up a cleric as long as you have the wisdom for it.

But Drow would not be my 1st choice.

11-03-2009, 12:57 AM
If buffing is your thing, I'd sugguest making a bard. Drow make nice bards. Their stats have great synergy with the class. I'll post a quick build of both styles (think Spellsinger vs. Warchanter (caster/melee)) for you here....

Drow Bard:

Stats for a caster type bard (start/buffed at lev 20):
Only using a +2 tome from 1750 favor

Str- 14 / +6 item= 20
Dex- 16 / +6 item, +2 elven dex(completely optional enhance points)= 24
Con- 12 / +6 item = 18
Int- 10 / no real need for any item here, so chances are you'll be ending with a 10
Wis- 8 / +6 item just for the sake of adding to your will save= 14
Cha- 18 / +6 item, +2 tome, +3 Bard Cha enhancement, +5 level up's= 34

all level ups go into Cha

Stats for a Melee type bard (start/buffed at lev 20):

Str- 15 / +3 level ups, +2 tome, +6 item= 26
Dex- 16 / +6 item, +2 level up= 24
Con- 14 / +6 item = 20
Int- 10 / no changes here= 10
Wis- 8 / +6 item for will saves again= 14
Cha- 14 / +6 item, +2 enhancements= 20

Level ups for into Dex at 8 & 12, Str at 4, 16, & 20. IF you decide to throw down for an extra +1 tome, it should be a +1 dex. Use it early and then put ALL level up's into Str. This build needs a minimum 17 dex unbuffed for the Grtr 2weapon fighting feat.

Feats: (More of a caster-buffer/more of a melee build)

1- Mental Toughness / 2 weapon fighting
3- Spell Penetration / power attack
6- Extend Spell / weapon focus-Pierce
9- Skill Focus : UMD / Extend Spell
12- Heighten Spell / improved 2 weapon fighting
15- Toughness / Toughness
18- Grtr Spell Penetration / greater 2 weapon fighting

As far as the 2 builds go, their skills will reamain very similar. Max out Concetration, Perform, UMD, Balance, and Dip. Any other points go into Haggle and Jump as you see fit.

Enhancements for the 2 builds will be very different though.

The caster type will want to augment their SP by taking all 4 levels, add to their spell pen by taking those 3 and their stat enhancements as well. Remaining enhancements would go towards the spell effect bonuses, racial toughness, and songs of course.

The melee bard will be reling on their songs more than the caster, so these are the most important enhancements. Followed by racial toughness, stat enhancements, SP enhancements, Spell resistance enhancements, and whatever else you would feel is important.

Hope that helps. Good luck as well :)