View Full Version : Guild Panel & Friend's List Panel

11-02-2009, 11:03 AM
1. Guild Panel

Why isn't there a "Send Tell" Button on the guild panel? It would really make things waaay more easy since not all guildies are on my friends list and not all guildies keep their eyes on Guild Chat.

Just add a simple Send Tell option.

2. Friend's List

There is nothing more annoying than getting a random tell or invite while you are busy fighting an end boss (in group or solo) in a dungeon.

We like our friends, we don't want to annoy them, right?

So why doesn't the Friend's List show if a friend is in a group and their location?

Sure this is duplicating info on the Who's On-Line Panel but the whole purpose of a Friend's List is so I don't have to scroll through that abomination of a list which moves so fast now with F2P it makes my eyes spin in their sockets.