View Full Version : LF a good guild, but I live in Japan (GMT +9)

11-02-2009, 09:38 AM
I've played D&D for ages, since paper,BG, NWN, and some more.
I'm 28 and former military, but now I just live in Japan.
I run the entertainment at the base club here in Misawa, and whenever I am catering to whatever celebrity happens to be performing here(Elliot Yamin is a ****** btw)I will not be available.
Unfortunatly I did play WoW for a couple years, and raided hard core as a main tank for a great guild.(The legendary Akkash, Tankadin of Barthilas, record holder of the 16 minutes slave pens run pre-wrath)...old un-important news nowdays.
But I am really in love with D&D and that was more or less just a fix, gear is not my object of desire, gameplay and people are.
I do have a family so in my time I am usually only available after 9PM -9GMT, if im not consumed by my job.
Maybe a friendly easy going guild is good for me, but I do love raiding.
I mainly play a drow rogue (Valyx the Spider) but I also have a warforged barbarian (Sever) that i pull out from time to time to wreck things with when I dont feel like having finesse.
I am careful and patient, and enjoy the game as it is meant to be.
Look me up for groups or invite me to your guild, but I do disclaim now, that if I feel the vibe of the people in the guild is not for me I will leave in a new york minute. That being said, i also have found the player base to be populated with fine people indeed, with the small exception to the random mongaloid that comes along, but they are my constant entertainment!
Feel free!

p.s.- don't fu**ing invite me if your guild is not mostly on around my time, nothing worst than being the only jerk on when your guildies are sleeping.
p.s.s.- i'll have a VIP account soon, i was procrastinating, but i ended spending more money the first month than if i just got VIP so its more economical for me now..
P.s.s.s- Being an ex-sailor, and having been around the world and wrecking foreign countries, I am rated R, at least, if your a mormon or something, i will make your skin turn inside out, I've been to Thailand after all... But I am very kind and considerate, just dont ask me about my little adventures unless your ready for real sea stories.

11-03-2009, 05:58 AM
Hi there Munesai, hows it going? I am recruiting for my guild. I start to play midnight EST (+5 GMT), which I believe is 2PM your time. I have been recruiting people that play during that time. Look for me in game. If you see me shoot me a tell, my characters name is Dinluen. I am laid back and just looking for more people to get groups together and have some fun. Hope to talk to you in game.