View Full Version : Questions about Damage Reduction

11-01-2009, 03:25 AM
OK, as the name says, i have questions about damage reduction.

1. Does it stack in any way ?
Example, i have
3 / Piercing, Bludgeoning (bracers)
3 / Slashing, Bludgeoning (Docent)
3 / Adamantine (Warforged)

Do i have an effective DR of 9 unless a weapon bypasses one or more types of DR or is it the DR of greatest effect that gets used ?

I have a blocking DR of 11 too, does that stack ?

11-01-2009, 03:27 AM
Its situatonal, you can "kinda" tell in your char screen, find the best o for you by watching the combat log.cmb

11-01-2009, 04:26 AM
nope, you will only have a DR of 3, you will however be covering several bases, though the adamantium will work for most things at low level. you can check your combat log to see what DR is getting used.

normal DR does not stack, only the highest applies. however shield blocking DR does stack with normal DR.

if you want to see the numbers check out the wiki page: