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10-31-2009, 12:05 PM
Two times this week I joined groups that advertised quests as ELITE in the LFM and then it turned out the players were F2P and hoping a VIP would come along and open on hard or elite for them.

They did not advertise they were hoping to open higher. The only statement in the LFM was ELITE.

The first group was a gianthold quest and I said I would work it as long as they did not charge in. First encounter they charge in and I used up almost all my SP to heal them and raise them. They blamed me for putting my blade barriers behind them. Uh, well I put the blade barrier down first and then DRAW the bad guys into it. Better than me going into the middle and getting beat on while I attempt to cast the blade barrier.

Then it turned out their ACs were in the 20s.

We discussed it. I said, I was going to blade barrier everything and you guys would just wait. They said oh we forgot sorry about that. Combine this with the fact they did not know where the quest was and died on the way to it, I was wondering before we got in the quest.

Once in the quest I decided it was not going to be worth my time and effort. I left that group as it was doomed to failure. They said some snide remarks as I left them.

The second group was a Vale quest. Done by a notorious duo that is getting to be known as group abandoners. What this means is, when the going gets tough, this duo is KNOWN to go LINK dead. This quest they shared with me on ELITE but were disappointed because I had NOT done it yet. They started to mention how no one was joining them blah blah blah. And you wonder why no one joins them.

My whine is off. Out to rake leaves.

10-31-2009, 12:27 PM
How is that false advertising?

I'm having a lot of fun with the gianthold pugs too... my TWF wizard is a much better tank than almost all the groups I've joined :D And they all tell me to stay in the back before they die hehe.