View Full Version : Fighter.. Vanguard Fighter.. or Fighter / Rogue combo?

10-31-2009, 10:56 AM
I too am very new to DDO and started a Vanguard fighter just the other evening. If I can obtain a better build I would love to use it as I have read some not so nice thoughts about some of the predetermined paths.

So.. I am better off sticking with the predefined Vanguard track, working off of a fighter build that someone could suggest or following a Aranticus's FTR/Rogue build: http://forums.ddo.com/showpost.php?p=1812301&postcount=37 (or a similar one someone could also suggest). I have no problem deleting my char and starting over if needed.

I also don't know if go the straight fighter build is the way to go or if multiclassing is. I am new to the game so I don't have a particular style or favorite yet. I am afraid of being crushed if I solo as a mage or sorcerer, especially since I will probably play only a couple of times a week and may not have time for alot of grouping.

Only requirements: able to solo and do damage (I don't have a ton of time to play so when I do get to I'd rather not be taking damage and running around from shrine to shrine, be able to solo when necessary and would like to defeat something (- can you tell I am an ex-pally from World of Warcraft?)

Heck, I am not even sure what is "better" (if there is one) a ftr or barbarian.

Also, if anyone else has any build suggestions (tips, tricks, stuff to read etc) for making a fighter (or even a tempest hunter) please feel free to add.

Thank you!