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10-30-2009, 05:12 PM
For kicks (because I am a bit of a stat nerd), I did a comparison of Sorc stats from a number of the larger Thelanis guilds.

Data source: stats taken directly from my.ddo.com (with all of the inherent risks to the data contained therein: out of date; people wearing non-optimal gear when the snap shot was taken; etc.).

I looked only at level 19 and 20 pure sorcs under the assumption that these are current active builds (rather than retired or bank toons). Guilds with less than 5 qualifying sorcs were excluded.

I looked at hit points, spell points, and charisma score.

Results are below.

Goals: satisfy the statistical nerds out there; give examples to the community of what numbers they might want to shoot for at levels 19-20

Disclaimers: stats don't make a player; most guilds don't have 5 or more level 19-20 sorcs yet; small samples sizes can be influenced heavily by one or two individuals; not all guilds were examined

Total Members (all characters, all classes):

439 Legion
313 Pestilence
702 Storm Lords
403 Inferus Sus
427 IFV
214 Maelstrom
547 Brotherhood of the Blood Xoriat
582 Bane

Total level 19-20 sorcs

17 Legion
13 Pestilence
12 Storm Lords
10 Bane
8 Brotherhood
7 Inferus Sus
6 Maelstrom

Hit Points (average):

365 Legion
349 Inferus Sus
330 Pestilence
307 IFV
306 Storm Lords
304 Maelstrom
279 Brotherhood
257 Bane

Spell Points (average):

2940 Legion
2929 Pestilence
2883 Storm Lords
2869 Maelstrom
2781 Inferus Sus
2779 Brotherhood
2768 Bane
2762 IFV

Charisma (average):

37.5 Legion
37.2 Maelstrom
36.7 Pestilence
36.6 Storm Lords
35.4 Inferus Sus
34.9 Bane
34.8 Brotherhood
33.9 IFV


It seems like Legion succeeds on Abbot more times than the rest of the server combined--almost every sorc had the Litany trinket equipped (which, in part, accounts for the very high charisma score average). There was quite a disparity between hip point averages between guilds. However, the hps in these large guilds overall are quite high. In these larger guilds, there are a total of 80 sorcs with an average of 317 hp.

The highest numbers in each category are:

hps: 507 (a member of Legion)
sp: 3225 (a member of Storm Lords)
chr: 41 (a member of Pestilence)

10-30-2009, 05:16 PM
Looks like there are a lot of WF in there ;)

10-30-2009, 05:17 PM
Looks like there are a lot of WF in there ;)

There were a lot. I actually expected more. There was a heavy dose of humans and drow in the mix as well.