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10-29-2009, 08:35 PM
I have no problem with new and creative guild titles. On the contrary, I quite enjoyed retitling one of my members a suitably creative metaphor. My problem is with the utility of such titles.

We have the ability to create titles, and a near infinite number of titles I presume from the numbering I discovered when I typed /guild ranks. We have, Leader, which needs no explanation and whether one wishes to call it Grand Poobah or HordotheMagnificent (a title I suggest your guild, dear reader, assumes for your leader immediately) it still has all the rank and privileges of a guild leader. Officer chat access, the ability to promote/demote and so on is intact.

We also have a guild rank for Officer, which Turbine named SchemingMinion for my guild when I logged in today, a change which made me chuckle. Whatever you name this rank it remains the singular officer rank. And that is my problem. What if you have a stratified guild in which several ranks of members have at least officer status, but not quite leadership status. This also touches on a problem I had noted regarding the differences between Leader and Successor, which powers I believe need to be equalized with only the exception of guild disbandment remaining with the Leader solely, but I digress.

Were I to create a rank of Successor, for instance and renumber it between Leader and Officer one would think that since I had to "promote" the Officer to Successor it would simply be another Officer rank with a different name, but all the benefits such as invites/removals, MOTD and Officer Chat. But that is not the case. We are now in the strange case of an Officer that has been promoted but now has lost all of the benefits of being an officer, and is reduced to a Member in all but the numeric assigned to the guild rank.

This needs to be addressed. In the case of my guild, Loreseekers (primarily on Khyber but we have chapters on every server and even in LOTRO) we have a tiered system of leadership in which we have a Leader, Successor, a Leadership that has officers that deal with specific functions for the guild (hey, we're freaking big and I need much help), Officer and then Elders (a group of former officers with semi-officer status...if you really want to know read our guild charter), and then two membership tiers. But here is the rub, ALL but the two membership tiers and Elders currently have Officer status and all the benefits of such...except if I create guild ranks for them they will lose such status.

I would very much like the guild ranks to work like this:

If the leader is rank 1 and the Officer is rank 5 (for instance) and the Member is rank 10...then any rank created in-between Leader and Officer should maintain Officer status at least, and not lose that. Any other benefits that we can incrementally give to ranks above a certain position would be wonderful, but I'm not asking for that yet. I would very much like the Officer status to be extended to any guild rank between that of Leader and the, titular, Officer rank.

Thank you,

Hordo, Leader of Loreseekers