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10-29-2009, 01:38 AM
Im not a new player. But I do need advice & guidance, so he goes:

A long time ago, in a..diff story sorry. *Clears Throut*

I chose WF becuse of so many immunites. Also I chose Pally, no fear, etc. So I am a lvl 6.
Stopped at 6 for Bladesworn Transformation.

Just took my 5th level of Sorc. Goiing for Tensur's Transformation/ Reconstruct at 13th lvl

Took a level of fighter before level 20 was announced, so I cannot go back. I do so for the extra feat, toughness (both racial and fghtr) and was planning on 2nd level fighter for all of the other benefits associated with a 2nd lvl Fighter.

Here is my Prediciment.

I could take another level of fighter as initally planned for Fghtr's Str I (+1 Str), Fighter's Crit I(-1 to all crit range rolls), Fghtr's Tower Shield Mastery I(+1 AC with Tower Shields), Fghtr's Armour Agility (+1 max Dex. bonus to AC), and a new Fighter feat I can choose from in addition to any feat earned for leveling.
Go all out Sorcerer for both Tensur's Transformation (works with Bladesworn Transformation. Tested. & Reconstruct.)
Max out for reincarnation and make the best build at that time... Which would be?????

10-29-2009, 02:54 AM
It might be helpful if you actually listed your levels, feats, and base stats.

Do you have 6 levels of paladin, or a couple of levels of paladin, sorceror, and fighter for a total of 6?

What feats do you have?

What are your stats?

Mixing Sorceror in with fighter and paladin is typically a very poor choice, but it sounds like the damage is already done. I would suggest never taking another sorceror level, and focuging on Fiighter/paladin exclusively, but I still feel rathe rin the dark about your actual build.

If you are only level 6, its not too late to reroll, transfer gear, and plan out your character ahead of time.

10-29-2009, 05:28 PM
I thought I had sorry. Currently Level 6 Sorcerer Level 1 Fighter Level 6 Paladin ready to turn 13. Stats? 32 point build. 352 HP, 905 SP 25 White Dragon Scales ( +5 Dragonscale armour, Heavy Fort, Protection +4 Greater Cold Resist x2 Shield *uber*) 22 Str 14 Dex 18 Con 10 Int 10 Wis 22 Cha. (most enchants +5, 1 is +6) Bladesworn Transfrormation , Blur, Repair Moderate Damage, Vitality, Cure Light Wounds, Nightshield, Mage Armour, Shield. Wearin Docet of Dusk ( +4 Dusk 10% blur ability-stcks with blur) +4 Holy Burst Byshek Greataxe of Pure Good WF only.

10-29-2009, 06:50 PM
6 sorc/6paly? Ouch...

I still stand by my advice to not put any more levels into sorceror, as it seems your main goal is to melee. Paladin to 12 and Fighter to 2 seems like a decent split, giving Knight of the Chalice II from paladin, and an extra feat from fighter (And +1 strength from fighter as well, if you want it).

Tensers simply isn't worth it. +4 strength, dex and con *enhancement bonus*, which is completely overriden by better gear. +4 Natural armor might be nice, depending on your AC, and the +to-hit would be helpful. But is it worth dropping 6 more levels into sorceror? Certainly not.