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10-27-2009, 09:30 PM
The manual mentions several negative status conditions, but it doesn't describe the full effects of all of them. It also misses some conditions entirely, like prone. I'm trying to understand them completely.

1. What is the difference between Dazed, Stunned, and Paralyzed? I know the PnP differences. Are they all in DDO?

2. Does the manual miss anything regarding...
a. Blind
b. Sleep
c. Fear

3. Does DDO implement getting caught flat-footed?

4. What is the exact effect of reducing something's Strength to 0? What about Dex? And so on, and so forth.

5. There is a flanking bonus to-hit if you attack something from behind, correct? Is "behind" a 180° arc? 90°? Something else?

Regarding being prone, from watching my character display and standing in a Grease patch (go friendly fire!), it seems to give a flat -4 AC, unlike PnP which is -4 AC vs. melee, +4 AC vs. ranged.

10-27-2009, 09:47 PM
Note that these status effects often allow you to hold Shift to block.

Dazed- you can't take actions, attackers have no benefit. (Like D&D)

Stunned- there are two kinds of stunning, the stronger being from melee attacks and allowing enemies to crit on a roll of 2-20. The D&D concept of dropping your items isn't used. A stun may allow sneaks even if it doesn't grant crits.

Paralyzed- like stronger stun, you are automatically critically hit.

Paralyzer weapon- this actually causes Daze, not paralysis, although targets immune to paralysis are also immune.

Blind- you walk slower, you miss 50% of the time, you have attack and AC penalty and lose dex AC and you basically need to drink a potion really soon, and you should have had one with you (unless you have Heal). Susceptible to sneaks.

Sleep- you lay down, and as I recall, automatically get crit. It's a super-rare effect, most famously happening in von4. 3 of the 6 player races are just immune.

Fear- You can't attack, cast spells, or interact with most things, but you can choose where you run to, and you can drink potions as long as they're not funnel-named spellcast potions.

Flat-footed is not in DDO, although something along that line probably should be. Note that the Uncanny Dodge abilities of rogues and barbs were given a temporary AC boost to compensate for the flatfoot protection.

Ability scores to zero: automatic hits and crits. Plus 0 con means a temporary stun.

Flanking is about 180, although there is also the unaggro attack condition that enables sneaks.

Prone- yeah, it couldn't give any kind of AC bonus unless you had an icon to go prone voluntarily. The prone status is much worse than in D&D, because you are prevented from taking actions, instead of simply having a -4 penalty on them.