View Full Version : Forming Static, Casual RP group on Cannith

10-27-2009, 06:27 PM
I'm looking to form a static team to start within the first few weeks of November. We will start at level 1 and work our way through adventures as a team. As of now, the day and time is up in the air, but will be determined when we have a full group together. Anyone is welcome to join, just post a message or PM me saying that you are interested in helping me form this team.

Some basic ground rules:

1) As always, no zerging.

2) Don't mail yourself items or money to use from your alts. It makes the playstyle unfair to other teammates who might not have other characters on the server.

3) You may use the Auction House, but before you sell any items you have looted, please offer your teammates any items that they might use that would improve their performance.

4) You may use the Vendors to sell items, but as in number 3, please check with your teammates before doing so.

5) This is a Static party, so please refrain from using him/her outside of the party times, unless you missed a few days and are just catching up on lost xp (I will try to keep up a running xp tally).

6) This is also a RP party, so when you type, please try to keep it in a roleplaying format. If you need to speak out of context, either use your mike, or (Parenthesis). It's ok to say "trap" if you know there is one, as no one wishes to walk into one blindly, even if we are roleplaying.

7) The most important rule: Have fun! The point of this group is to have a casual time in DDO. Dont stress out! Its only a game, so enjoy it!

Well thats pretty much it for now. If you wish to join, or have any comments/questions, please post here, or send me a PM! Hope to hear from you soon!