View Full Version : Raids inside Explorer Zones

10-27-2009, 04:36 PM
This is not a request to change existing content, but something to keep in mind for new raids in the future.

Because raids probably represent an attack on the core of an enemy's power, it's natural to want to place them deep in the dangerous terrain of an exploration zone. But there have been serious problems with the mechanics of the four raids that have been positioned in explorers so far. There are two styles that have been used:

1. The explorer zone is a regular 6-man area, so there must be a small public space separating it from the door to the raid, as seen at Twilight Forge and Tower of Despair. Because traveling in two parties and then breaking and reforming is weird and annoying, teleporters are provided so you can go there directly. Those teleporters mean that the versimilitude of "travelling deep into hostile territory" is lacking. We may as well enter directly from the questgiver (as happens with Circle of Eternity).

2. The explorer zone is a 12-man area, without the scaling typical to explorer zones, as seen around Hound of Xoriat and Vision of Destruction. This is poor both for raid players and explorers. The raiders aren't interesting challenged by the monsters on the way in, especially because they don't scale up to elite. But the zone is also too dangerous for most exploration purposes, so neither kind of player is satisfied.

To avoid the problems of those two approaches, a third way can be used:
The raid dungeon is visible in the explorer zone, and has the usual XP reward for finding it, but it can't be entered because "You're not prepared". Instead you must recall to town and speak to the raid questgiver, who sends you to a different version of the explorer zone with more powerful enemies. That instance is basically a copy of the explorer zone with some features changed; in fact, it may actually be the start of the raid instance, meaning that it will scale up on elite. Many of the features of the usual explorer will be deactivated, and instead it will be a challenge appropriate for the raid in quest.

For example, suppose Tower of Despair had been built in this way. You wouldn't be able to teleport directly to the raid door from Amrath. Instead, you'd talk to the king Yugoloth and get a quest entry dialog with the usual three difficulty modes. It would take you down into a place which looks just like the Devil Battlefield, but has stronger monsters to correspond with the chosen setting- and possibly there are additional encounters needed to breach the gate or whatever on your way inside the tower. Plus at various times in between the three main chambers you could be walking outdoors on the battlements, looking down on the terrain around you.

This approach would allow raids to have more of a grandiose outside+inside feeling, which was a goal of the Tempest Spine zone as well. (Note that TS has a serious problem where the map doesn't work indoors, which should certainly be avoided in new content)