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10-26-2009, 04:54 PM
A few friends of mine and I have recently started playing and enjoying the game a lot so far. I was hoping for a little advice about group make up though. Is having some sort of tanking class real important in this game? Does it seem less important early on and more important later on? Our group currently consists of me as a barbarian (going frenzy), a cleric, wizard and AA ranger. We're playing f2p and mostly just wanting to have fun playing casually. Does this group seem like it will work throughout the game, or will we hit a wall and need some sort of high ac/tanking character. If so I'm more than up for swapping out my barb for something more viable. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

10-26-2009, 04:59 PM
You dont need a tank.
Your group seems somewhat light on melee though. Maybe the Cleric can melee a bit?
Archery is pretty gimped but you dont have to tell that to your friend.

10-26-2009, 06:43 PM
Are you planning on filling up your last 2 group slots with random passerby's (A usual tactic in DDO, which often makes quests easier to accomplish)? Or will it always be just the 4 of you? Once you get accustomed to teh game, you may find that renting out the last two spots will allow you to face challenges more easily (provided the players aren't absolutely terrible... but thats always a risk you run with PUGs).

The first three classes seem perfect. Melee damage, healing/buff/CC, and cc/buff/nuke. Unfortunatly, the AA ranger adds nothing to this group but some extremely underwhelming damage. A dual-weilding ranger would add significantly more damage. Alternately, the ranger could roll a Rogue instead, as there are several quests that are nigh-imposisble to complete without one (Plus the trap disabling and secret door fidning bonuses to XP are pretty sweet!). A pure rogue would deal significantly more damage than an archer too, and a multi-class rogue/ranger (TWF) as well.

As far as a "tank" goes, the barbarian fills that roll. Unlike other MMOs, it is difficult for one heavily armored character to grab all enemy aggro and prevent quichies from being hit. Typically the tank roll mean "Distact enemies by smashing them in the face" and "Don't die within a couple seconds of being in melee range". Your high hitpoint barbarian will have that covered, and your cleric will help him stay on his feet while hes doing that. Plus, he'll do fantastic damage. Making high priority targets dead is the best damage prevention in the game ^_^

10-26-2009, 07:03 PM
Thanks for the info! We aren't necessarily planning on PUGing the last couple of spots, though not against it either. We're just RL friends that enjoy playing together, but aren't against bringing someone along looking for the same quest, etc. We're only level 2 so far, recently left the first town, so we haven't had anything difficult yet. I'm sure we'll be filling those other 2 spots more and more later on :)

I've been reading up on rangers, about how inferior ranged dps is. Our AA ranger just loves playing archer type characters, so instead of playing something that's guaranteed awesome, would rather him play what he'll have the most fun playing regardless. He's mostly meleeing right now as he's only level 2, but when he gets AA he'll probably mostly do ranged fighting, which I have no problem with as long as he's enjoying it. We've tossed around the idea about a rogue, seeing more traps, etc. So he might switch if he ends up just feeling useless, which won't be fun to play regardless.

That's good to hear about the barbarian being able to fill the 'tanking' role. I was hoping that if I got his hp high enough he could just outlast whatever we kill haha. I've taken a DR enhancement as well which helps, the only trouble he has right now is against casters, but with heals from the cleric and the current dps we're doing it hasn't been an issue.

Thanks again for all the help!

10-26-2009, 08:26 PM
Another quick question. If I were to make a soloing alt, what'd be the most suited class for that? I'm not opposed to PUGing, but I don't want to play my barb without everyone else, so want to make a class to solo with when I have the time. Something along the lines of a fighter or battle cleric?