View Full Version : Looking for kiwis and other late nighters - 'Les Mongreles'

10-22-2009, 11:40 PM
Hey guys,

Having played this game for a couple of years I have been in several guilds, and I have to say our servers boasts some really nice ones.

However, my partner and I consistently ran into the problem that, due to the fact we were kiwis, our guilds were often very low on numbers late at night (kiwi prime time).

We joined 'Les Mongreles' a few months back and would invite others to do the same. The guild consists of a few kiwis, a couple of aussies, and a couple of late night american players.

We are lead by Kiwimarshall (all his toons are prefixed with 'kiwi') and are a small, casual guild, of genuine players who enjoy helping each other out. Our busy times are late nights for most, so if you find it difficult to join late night groups, then our guild may be for you.

We are not a raiding guild. Those of us who raid consistently join PUG raids.

If you are interested, you can send me a PM, or any Les Mongreles members a tell (my names are below, find the others in the 'who' tab of the LFM), and we'll hook up and run something.