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10-22-2009, 03:13 PM
Since Mod 8 had no raids and now Mod 10 'update 1' has no new raids attached I thought I would suggest a format for new raids. First, let me say that any adventure pack without a raid attached at high levels largely seems like a waste for some players. Second, most mid level raids are secondary buys until they become 'epic'.

So my suggestion would be that Turbine continue in the same venue as they already are to a degree with making old raids and by extension their adventure packs more compelling by upgrading them to EPIC (or in other words having a max level version of them). Clearly they are going to be doing this to the rest of the raids in the game at some point. It's just smart business, but my suggestion would be to go further. This would be done by selecting one old adventure pack per update (or more if the devs got a real influx of funds) and adding a level appropriate (and theme) raid and at the same time making the EPIC version of it and at least one adventure from the pack EPIC. This would add more compelling buys of many of the adventure packs for players of all stripes and significantly increase the end game of DDO.


The Pirate Ship...3-B cove low level raid with a epic option also included...note all low level raids should not have pre-reqs following TS style of making them easy for players to run.

The Fury of the Dragon's...Sorjek falls and the dragon's he has messed around with are in a mad frenzy threaten Stormreach itself. Enter a raid with dragons like Giant hold tor except they are non-boss mobs and multiples of them are attacking at once. High level with an even higher level of EPIC madness.

From the depths it comes... Threnal Raid that has our old foolish expedition unearthing even more devils and demons, with a beholder raid boss :) Again, mid level raid with an EPIC option.

The Masters of the Gorge...Tangle Root Raid that uses the explorer area and both quest interior templates in addition to a new area inside of the interior zone. The raid would reveal the puppet masters to be those clever 'poor' sobs who ask for your help in the first place. Apparently they were even more evil then those you had cleared out. Your party is in an all out fight to wipe out the humanoid threat. A low level raid that plays off the large zone to provide multiple ways to reach the stronghold, but with each path's defenders randomized so you never know which path is the safest. Again make an EPIC option so there would be an EPIC raid with leveled humanoids as the main enemies that strongly resemble decked out player characters.

The Army of the Dead...a delara's zone raid. A raid centered around undead and evil clerics. The undead would be corporeal undead mostly to keep with the theme of most of Delara's with maybe one heavy hitter being a ghost. A mid level raid with an EPIC component. On Epic, casters cast stuff like mass harm which heals their undead allies and hurts living creatures. This would surely make for some nasty fights.

10-22-2009, 06:51 PM
I'd definitely like to see new raids (or 6-player end-game quests) added to existing adventure packs, and can see that being a good way for Turbine to up sales too.