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10-21-2009, 08:38 AM
Id like to start one of these on cannith. Perhaps one night a week? sat or wed are best for me..

Id like to get into some fun RP, take our time running dungeons. Id like it to be semi casual, meaning, No perma death and if someone talks outta character on occasion its not the end of the world.. But over all try to keep in character and make it fun.

pary make up? I dunno, im all for some off the beaten path combos.. I personally would like to play a stealthy class, perhaps a ranger/cleric (focusing on the cleric) or a rog/wiz.. though a wiz/cleric sounds interesting too.

if anyone is interested please post here.. Or send me a tell ingame. Im always up for an RP group anyway. I have a fighter/rog 4/2 atm, kreeal Kneecapper.

10-21-2009, 12:21 PM
wow funny stuff was coming on the web to start a thread about the same thing so count me in was looking for a rp casual 1 day a week thing only problem I have is I am a west coaster so dont get home till 6pm on week days for now till schedual change in dec when will have tue wed thur off and weekends would be off the table let me know if this works for the group would love to play a pure wizard or possibly a favord soul

10-22-2009, 07:53 AM
day/time can always be debated...

basically lets see if we can get 4-6 people and then come up with a day *smile

If you wanna go wizard, basically all we would need is a fighter and a rogue, Or perhaps a pair of fighters, or maybe even a fighter/cleric..

I really think id like to go ranger/cleric Drow, focus on the cleric aspec, ranger for stealth and a few feats. I have a good background and idea for the character as well.

If noone wants to go rogue though, i supose i could do a halfing rogue/wiz though.