View Full Version : Thing i noticed about lesser Reincarnation, some ideas and questions

10-20-2009, 09:49 AM

I recently reinstaled lammania client, becouse i heard about fiew new things being tested (and i realy missed my char from lammania :)

I have bought that wooden reincarnation thing and "reincarnated" my favorite char, mostly becouse i did not like how he looked, i changed some stats and feats and char now is a little better, so idea is good...........

is there in game barber char that changes hair style for gold.... i dont say change for those new shop hair styles just those availble at creation... reincarnating char for hair change ........ sounds a little stupid dont it?

first thing i noticed after reincarnation is that on regaining house P favor reward i got 2nd warp time trinket, second thing is that i lost 5th inventory tab, and that is a painfull loss
finding portable hole is a PAIN.... and paying 100k gp for fixing it does not tickle either.

good that bank slots stayed and they were full, but idk if they stayed becouse they should or becouse they were full.

price of reincarnation should stay at lvl it is now in test server. more ppl will be able to use it that way "more uses = more points spend on it" . same goes to all shop one use items. that was a little long overdue thing i wanted to say when beta was still active. what can i say im lazy............ :D