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10-19-2009, 06:27 PM
Hail all my name is Blaxton I am the Commander of the guild Onyx on the Thelanis server. We have been ingame since the relaunch and have continued to grow since that time, we are a casual, mature guild with a comfortable setting free of drama and ill will. We currently have a roster of around 200 active players with another 80 or so alts our rules are very simple we expect each and everyone of our members to treat their guildmates with respect, have a good time and we like to see you ingame at least once a month. We have a guildwebsite and also a ventrilo server although most use the ingame chat at present. We currently are accepting all levels and classes and we are especially looking for more members in the lvl 9-13 range as well as vip accounts. We run guild groups daily and hope to be running full guild raids soon. If you seeking a guild where you will not go unnoticed or if your just looking for a friendly place to spend you time ingame I welcome you to send me a message either here on the forums or ingame on Blaxton or Cortex, you can also reach our co-founder Mariele.