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10-18-2009, 04:33 PM
What items are worth money/sell well on the auction house, and what should be merely sold to brokers?

For example: What skill items are worth putting up? +3 items? +5? +7? +10? Are some skills worthless? Some valuable?
What about weapons? +1 weapon with dual damage mods (+1 shocking longsword of pure good)? What about +1 weapons with single damage mods (+1 shocking longsword)? What about when they have a crummy second mod? What about when their magic bonus is higher than +1? Is a +5 Longsword worth more on the open market then to Brokers?

What clicky effects should be watched for? If they're clicky effects with secondary mods, are they worthless?

What about pure stat items? Are plain +2 items worth anything? What about +2 items with secondary mods? Same question for plain +3 and +4 items.

What about armor? +1 adamanite fullplate worth anything? What about +5 Mithril Fullplate? What about odd numbers (+2, 3, or 4) with random secondary mods?

And what about items with other bonuses? Are striding items worth anything? How about worn-energy resist items (at 10 points? What about 20? What about 30?)

I've looked at this thread http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?p=2075707#post2075707:
but it seems to me a little out of date (it is 7 months old now). I was unable to sell a blank longsword of pure good at 8000 gold all 3 times I put it up. Haven't been able to sell any blank +1 stat items or skill items.

10-18-2009, 04:37 PM
(my opinion follows)

skill +15 items will sell, esp intimidate, haggle, concentration.

plain holy or acid/fire/cold of pure good weapons sell as twink items until you get greensteel.

lower +3 or +4 items will sell, but not if they have any kickers on them. Rings sell more than other slots since you can wear two and it makes it easier to twink.

anything with suffixes except maybe very high level items with a mod fort/heavy fort kicker will not sell - please don't put the +3 flaming longsword of tendon slice 4% on the AH.

always put buyouts on anything that's a twink (i.e. less than lvl 14) item, most people only need the item for a few days max, and an item without a buyout just won't sell.

Armor usually won't sell too much, because once you hit level 14 you'll just get DT or the VOD armor.

Race Required items of all of the above typically sell for more - i.e. a +5 mithral fp with an RR will be 2 lvls lower and will be sought after for twinking.