View Full Version : Quest link needs some lovin'

10-18-2009, 09:52 AM
OK, the quests section of the wiki needs some major love. If you mouse-over Game Info and select quests, then click on (The) Friar's Niece, you get this page: http://compendium.ddo.com/wiki/Quest:The_Friar%E2%80%99s_Niece which is a blank page. However if I click on Home, then scroll down and click on Quests by Region, then click on Market, then click on catacombs, then click on Friar's Niece, I get this page: http://compendium.ddo.com/wiki/Quests:The_Friar%27s_Niece which has the template. Which is wrong, btw, as it shows the quest as a level 2 quest where in game it's level 3. This is very, *very* confusing.

For now I'm going to place redirects to the pages with templates from the pages that don't have it if they are blank with little or no information.