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10-17-2009, 11:28 AM
--We are:
Mature - That does NOT mean we swear all the time.
Active - At least once a week. Members that are not that active for a good reason (you can post the reason on our forum) will be expelled.
Helpful - we will help with items, dungeons, builds or anything else you need.
Roleplayers - Not all of us, but some enjoy it.
Good at what we do - We know the dungeons, the enemies and ourselves.
Good with English - Most of our members have English as their mother language, and those who do not are good at it.
--We are not:
Rushers - We do not charge into rooms without prepairing and we hate running mindlessly through dungeons, causing unnecessary deaths.
Drama makers: If someone has a problem with another member, they settle it in private and are mature about it. This is not common, but if it happens, we know how to handle it.
Power-Players: We do not play to win, we play to have fun and meet people.

If you are what we are and are looking for a guild, don't hesitate to post here or PM me here or in-game. I will see your post and PM you our guild forum URL or invite you in-game.