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10-16-2009, 02:58 PM
Ok recently failed (twice) Faithfully Departed but I gotta say while the quest is a pain the area around it is cool. This got to thinking about this area and Searing Heights.

Searing Heights is currently the only wilderness area withtout any quests in in. It is a wonderfully crafted area. The terrain and landscapes are spectacular. A lot of work went into it. Yet, I am afraid it is probably under utilized. Yes I sometimes see groups go in there but they are far and few between. Adding just 2 quests would be a way to up the usage of this area. Adding some named loot to these quests would help to. Since there is a large area of lava and fire elementals and fire mephits even a few pieces of fire resistance/protection type named loot items or low level bane weapons would be cool. This area really needs some love.

Secondly the Shrouded Vale. Very cool area centered around a pain in the arse quest. I thik this area could benefit from being converted to a mini wilderness area and adding a second quest. Specifically I was thinking of a small short quest to as a follow up to Faithfully departed. Something simple like infiltrate the drow camp and eliminate the leader of this nefarious expedition. Lets face it they all didn't set up inside the temple they planned to rob. No commander does this. Taticts one-o-one. I think this would increase the utility of this area as well. Again I might add a few pieces of named loot. It might be a good place to introduce some spell pen named items since drow have such high spell resistance.

Anyway a few thouhts I hope someone likes.

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10-17-2009, 08:05 PM
There are plenty of underutilized areas. The lava forest / mountainous area that is accessable from Kundarak would be an awesome explorer area, but it just houses two quests, and nothing else. And then there's searing heights, which is a great explorer area, with no quests.

Also Cerulean Hills, by the time you're done with Korthos, and all the other OBVIOUS content in Harbor, you're well over level for Cerulean. And for the pay to play Shan To Kor and Catacombs and several others. IMO, there's actually a glut of things to do at the lower levels, so you get to the high levels rapidly, and then become bored out of your mind with endless GH and Vale runs. And you're too high level for Necro 1-2.

Cerulean should be made more obvious, and then you'd have some people that level up that way (maybe other people see it, but i didn't find it until i was much too high a level for it), and others via the run of Harbor and early Marketplace quests ..

There's tons of room all over this place to add more stuff to do .. tons of room in Kundarak and Deneith and J.. seems P has a glut of quests..

IMO Cerulean is a good model of a more dynamic explorer experience, with some NPCs, and wandering mobs, and stuff.. everything in all the other explorer areas is totally static. Some tweaks to make things wander more in the other explorer areas would be fantastic, as wwell as having at least one or two quests in each one, as well as some explorer areas in each of the areas where there are quests, but it's not a house. The two quests in Kundarak, the entrance quest to Xorian and Whisperdoom come to mind as areas that could use some upgrades ..